What does it mean to be a cat sitter?

This happens to me all the time. ‘What are you doing in Ireland?’ ‘I live here.’ ‘You work?’ ‘Er..yes.’ (I always wonder if people are asking me this as in ‘are you on welfare? Taking advantage of my country?’ but I could be over-sensitive…) ‘What do you do?’ (I thought to myself, ‘oh gawd…not again.’) ‘Er…I am self employed.’ ‘Oh what is that about?’ (‘Here … Continue reading What does it mean to be a cat sitter?

Cats in the (Dublin) City

I have started a sideline blog to showcase the cat photos I have taken during my daily round. It’s a photo-only blog and I find the theme over there does the cat photos more justice. Every weekend, I’ll put a post up here to remind you to go over there to have a peek! Of course, you can follow that blog as well to get daily cat … Continue reading Cats in the (Dublin) City

Bindi and Bruchnal – the Westlife problem…

Here is the thing: when people think about being a cat-sitting, they tend to think of me hanging out in people’s home with a cat on lap. Well, it is part of it. In fact, I dare say it is only HALF of it, might even be less than half some days. What people fail to realise is, the ‘getting from point A to point … Continue reading Bindi and Bruchnal – the Westlife problem…

The Travelling Cat: Chicago to Dublin, 2011

Every year, hundreds of cats are being left behind when people relocate to another country. The Travelling Cat Project is a collective effort to demystify international cat travel. Hopefully, by sharing our stories, it will encourage people to relocate with their cat(s). We believe if you manage to move your personal belongings to a new country, you SHOULD BE able to move your cat(s) with you. For a full of … Continue reading The Travelling Cat: Chicago to Dublin, 2011

Monkey – the smartest cat (Part 2)

After this saga, you would have thought we learn our lesson. But no, we didn’t, we were still convinced that we were smarter than cats and we could get them under control. Of course, Monkey knows better and was determined to show us how wrong we were (again). After the ‘Monkey gone missing’ incident, I had a long discussion with Monkey’s mum and asked how … Continue reading Monkey – the smartest cat (Part 2)

SMOB: Are you cut out for it?

After spending a long time in my last post to explain you how easy to start a business, unfortunately I have to go into the negative bit in this post – you might not be cut out for it. Honestly, I am not trying to sound snobbish but starting a business is really not for everyone. Are you a workaholic? Do you enjoy working all day … Continue reading SMOB: Are you cut out for it?

Start My Own Business (SMOB) series

I started my own business on 2009. Since then I am asked regularly if: 1. Can you make money out of it? 2. Do you get any customers? It’s recession! 3. I want to be self employed too! But I don’t know how to start, I will think about it. I notice I keep repeating myself answering these questions (and many others FAQs), I decided to start … Continue reading Start My Own Business (SMOB) series