Trick of the trade: always lock ALL doors behind you

As a cat sitter, we open a lot of doors.

And with that, we also close and LOCK a lot of doors.

So Trick of the Trade to share with you today –

ALWAYS lock all the doors behind you. 

Whatever the door is. Front door, back door, side door, shed doors, everything. If the doors were lock when you came in, lock it back when you close it. Make it your habit if you are a cat sitter.

Firstly, it is good for your own safety. So that you know no one can just walk in on you. Secondly, you are protecting your customer’s property.



As a cat sitter, I do pick up a lot of ‘trick of the trade’.

Some of them I learnt from mistakes…(oh yes, I do make mistakes and I don’t want to think about them right now…)

But my mistake is your gain.

Trick of the Trade (TOTT) is a series where I will tell you all about them. Some of them can be useful to your own cat(s), while some of them might be (hopefully) entertaining to you to brighten up your mid-week. FOLLOW my blog so you won’t miss any of the tricks!

Maow! Tell me what you think!

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