Instant Catification – super simple cat tree/house thingy

Catification doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, nor does it need to take a lot of time. You don’t even need to be super handy!

You just need to have some imagination…or the internet.

Instead of 10-minute-yoga, 10-minute-cuisine, etc, today I am going to show you, da ta!


Meet these two beautiful catstomers of mine – Piet and Raf, moved from Amsterdam to Dublin 2 years ago and have become one of my regulars ever since.

Piet and Raf

And they love boxes.

So their wonderful dad made them these…


See? Just cardboard boxes, some tape and voila!

An instant cat tree / house thingy!

There is really no excuse for you not to catify your house.

If you enjoy the convenience of having a cat, because they are more or less low maintenance (I said ‘more or less’ because they do wake you up at 3am and drop the most expensive things in the house), I do think it’s a responsibility in exchange to provide enough enrichment for the cats in the house, especially for indoor only cats.

As illustrated in this example, you don’t need a lot of money nor material nor skill nor time. You just need to do it! It takes 10 minutes.

And the bonus is…my son loves it too.


I don’t normally bring my son to jobs but these cats actually love children and they spend the hour playing with each other like you can see here.

Do you enjoy these catification ideas? Follow my blog! 

Have you catified your house yet? If you want to show us your idea, please be in touch! I would love to hear from you. 

4 thoughts on “Instant Catification – super simple cat tree/house thingy

  1. We love kitty DYI and have written about catification many times. In fact, I knew Jackson Galaxy before he began using the term. We’re both cat experts but I have a design background like her partner does. He spend the day at my house (we were appearing on the Daily Show) and probably taught him a few things. I love reusing existing furniture in new ways. It’ easier for cats to get used to it because there is no new smell.


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