Catification – outdoor cat stairs, Tallinn

I saw this amazing catification project last spring when I was in Tallinn. This devoted cat lover has built a cat stair so that his/her cat can go back up to the house.


Notice there is also a cat box with a cat bed inside so in case they are not home, the cat has some shelter while waiting for the human to come home.

Such a great idea!

Since then I have discovered this cat stair is not a unique case, there are many other similar stairs around the world. Like this one by this lady Şebnem Ilhan in Turkey. Go and read the full post here.


via Woman Builds ‘Cat Ladder’ So Strays Can Come In From The Cold

And there are many more!

Like this one…

Photo credit: Solhaga

And this one…

Photo credit: Mick Hartley

Or this one…

Photo credit: LA Weekly

If you want to see more of these cat ladders, you can check out this post on Meow Lifestyle or this post on Apartment Therapy.

Or if you type “cat ladder” on Pinterest, you will see there are lots of cat ladders out there for people who live in apartments of elevated houses.

Who knew cat ladder is a ‘thing’?

Have you seen some unusual solution for cat problems? If you have, share with us! We would love to see them! 

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