Pet sitter cares for your house too!

I saw this campaign run by the An Garda Síochána recently and I thought I need to mention something pet sitter does that you might not be aware of.


Yes, hiring a pet sitter is also very effective crime prevention measure. We are trained to keep an eye on your property. If there is any suspicious things in your house, e.g. windows have been moved, objects have been moved in the house, stranger cars park in the front, unusual marking on the floor, etc, we noticed them. It is not only our responsibility to notice these things, it is also in our interest to notice them! The last thing we want is for the house to get burglary under our watch!

Another thing is, since we are in your property every day, we can make sure that no mail is sucking out from the mailbox. If you subscribed newspapers or milk, we make sure they are taken inside. We can also rotate the lights around the house if you want us to do that. Some customers even ask us to turn on the TV and radio once in a while and leave it overnight so to bring some ‘life’ into the house. We are often asked to deal with wheelie bins. We can also adjust curtains every day if requested. Especially the front room windows facing the street, you don’t want people to notice the curtain has been staying the same for the past 5 days. We also water plants. Dried up plants is another way to advertise ‘no one is here!’.

I even have one customer who has moved away from Ireland to check on his property once a month just to make sure everything is ok. We turn on the heat a bit, run the tap a bit to make sure all is working properly.

So yes, pet sitters do more than just sitting with fluffy cats and cuddle. Read the full list of what we do here.


Do you use a pet sitter? And what kind of crime prevention measure do you put in place? Share in the comment below! 

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