Review: Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers

Well, I love cats and I do live in Ireland.

Imagine my shock when I find out there is an album of Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers!

Since Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up soon, I thought it would be great timing to review this album!

The album is by the Irish American musician Marc Gunn. I have spoken to him briefing on email a few years ago asking for permission to play one of his songs for a radio interview I did. The song made a perfect ‘transition’ for an interview about cats!

(You can listen to my radio interview here about cats if you are interested.)

Here is the full track listing:

  1. “Wild Kitty” (parody Wild Rover)
  2. “A Cat Named Rover” (parody Gypsy Rover)
  3. “The Mining Ship the Red Dwarf” (parody Bonnie Ship the Diamond)
  4. “When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling” (parody When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)
  5. “Lord of the Pounce” (parody Lord of the Dance)
  6. “I’ll Tell My Cat” (parody I’ll Tell Me Ma)
  7. The Cat Came Back… The Cat’s Perspective”
  8. Black Is the Color (of My Cat’s Fur)”
  9. “Cats Chasing Butterflies”
  10. “The Demented Cat Game” (parody The Patriot Game)
  11. “Black Kitty Paw” (parody The Black Velvet Band)
  12. “Catnipping Green” (parody Fiddler’s Green)
  13. “The Old Grey Cat”
  14. “Furagone’s Wake” (parody Finnegan’s Wake)
  15. “Jasper Tabby Kitty Cat-y” (parody The Barnyards of Delgaty)

As you can see, the songs are reworded with some of the most popular Irish drinking songs. Trust me, it will make you giggle when you listen to them. It will bring you instant good mood on a bad day.

I used to play this album very often when I am doing boring admin work in the Maow Care office. I haven’t listened to it for a while now and must listen to it again one of these days.

Since I got his first album, Marc has released a few more cat theme albums, check them out!

Give it a listen on this video where Marc performed live in the home of singer harpist Claire Roche in Dublin. Wild Kitty is one of my favourites.


You can find out more about Marc’s work on:

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