Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…) Version 2

Some time ago, I have done a post on how to give tablets to your cat in a reasonably painless manner.

That method works with nearly 90% of the cats I know (not a scientific statistics, just a matter of speech!)

However, as you all know, cats are some of the most unpredictable animal on earth, of course there will be some cats who don’t like that method.

So I have developed Version 2 of this method!

Here is a photo demonstration:

Step 1 – Buy a block of cheese. It doesn’t have to be this brand.

Step 2 – Cut up a little corner of cheese

Step 3 – Prepare the tablet

Step 4 – Poke a hole in the piece of cheese

Step 5 – Put tablet into the hole

Step 6 – Roll the cheese into a ball so that the tablet is in the middle of the ball

Step 7 – Give that to cat

Step 8 – Look at the cat intensely, hold your breathe, cross your fingers

Step 9 – (Hopefully) Cat eats the ball

Step 10 – Sigh of relief, go and make yourself a cup of tea


Do you have any tricks to give medication to your cat? If you do, please SHARE! I am sure all the cat lovers would like to hear from you! 

6 thoughts on “Trick of the Trade: How to give tablets to your cat? (in a reasonably painless manner…) Version 2

  1. Nice method! This reminds me of when I had to give worm pills to all three cats. Two of them gave me the absolute dickens and we had to towel them and use a syringe of water. Believe me, I would have used a gentler method if I could. The two younger cats were toweled, the older one was loose. The older cat, Orion, came up to one of them, who was howling inside the towel like the world was going to end. Orion looked at the him, then swatted him on the toweled butt, as if to say “quit fooling around!” The second younger cat acted in the same way, Orion did the same thing. When Orion’s turn came, I looked at him and said “So, you need a pill too. Are you going to be a good boy?” I took him on my lap, no pill, just petting, and he took his pill like a gentleman, as if to show them how it was done!

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  2. Great idea …. unless your cat is like my Theo. He ate the cheese and then literally spit out the pill. We even tried grinding it up.
    Now I just beg the vet for liquid form that I can syringe into his mouth – a different kind of hell.

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