Cat Sitting

I am a food police – Luna, Picco, Elphine

One of the things I love about being a cat sitter is that I get to meet other cat lovers. And many of them have great sense of humour!

Today, I am showing you one of the jobs I have done recently where all 3 cats need to be fed separately.

And what’s great about this job is, the mum thought about putting up photos of each cat to make sure I know to feed them in their correct spots.

Say hi to Picco…

nom nom nom…

…and Elphine…

nom nom nom nom…

…and Luna…

nom nom nom nom nom!

In this particular family, each cat is fed in a separate room so I don’t have to do huge amount of police work. I leave all of them to eat peaceful for a while. Once they are done, then I will move on to do litter tray and socialise with them.

In some jobs, all the cats are fed in the same room but they all follow different diet. I will do a lot of police work in that case to make sure they don’t steal each other’s food.

Do you have to feed your cat separately? How do you police them to make sure they don’t steal each other’s food? 

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