Tuft + Paw Sustainable Cat Bed Design Contest


Tuft + Paw is a cat furniture company in U.S. with a mission to provide beautiful, well made furniture for housecats that also serves the homeless and foster cat community.

My first impression browsing their website is – WOW, these are all very stylish designs! Look at that!


When they told me about their Sustainable Cat Bed Design Contest, I thought it’s a great idea to spread the word to the Irish cat community. So if you are someone who is crafty and always working on some catifications project for your own cats, now is a golden opportunity to get your idea into production and reach the worldwide market! Let’s hear what Tuft + Paw has to say about the contest!

Tuft + Paw is looking for a new way to think about furniture that helps cats, humans, and the Earth. Got an idea? Show us your best, and you could win a $1,500 toward your education. Your winning design will be produced in the U.S. and promoted as one of Tuft + Paw’s new flagship products. It will also be donated to shelters across the country. The winner will be decided before October 31st 2017. Submissions deadline is September 31st 2017. Submissions should be made on https://www.tuftandpaw.com/pages/sustainable-cat-bed-design-contest

The Details – create an original design for cat furniture that meets the below criteria

1. It’s sustainable
As part of Tuft + Paw’s commitment to environmentally responsible products, it must be made of ethically sourced and produced materials that don’t harm our planet.

2. It’s affordable
When your piece goes into production, we want it to be inexpensive enough that any cat owner can have it in his or her home.

3. It’s beautiful
Don’t skimp on style- we want to see something that adds a “wow” factor to modern homes and looks more like it belongs to an interior designer than a Tabby cat.

4. It’s easy to ship
We want your design to be our customers’ go-to choice when they donate an item to a shelter. This means it has to be lightweight and easy to ship. Bonus points for collapsible flat-pack shapes.

5. It’s practical
Along with your physical prototype, give us technical drawings that specify exact dimensions and instructions for how it will be produced. Good luck!

Questions can be sent to jackson@tuftandpaw.com

I know cat lovers are some of the most creative people around! I can’t wait to see the winning design of this contest!

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