Blog Award Ireland

Two weeks ago, I attended the V by Very Blog Award Ireland party as I was one of the finalist for The Purrfect Job blog.

It took place at the Academy on Abbey Street in Dublin.

Here is me waiting to get the ‘red carpet treatment’…

There you go, me on the ‘red carpet’…


It was a great party with lovely food from KC Peaches.

I went for the satay of course, me being Asian and all, haha.

It was a good party all over.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early due to an emergency so I don’t have a lot to report to you guys.

And no I didn’t win the award. But honestly, I was surprise I got into finalist in the first place so I am still very pleased.

When I first started this blog on 2014, I just wanted to have a place to share all the crazy cat stories working as a cat sitter and behaviourist. I never imagined it would get to where I am today. So thank you thank you thank you once again for all your support.

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