Cat Calendar 2019 by artist Alex Hubbell

I recently discovered artist Alex Hubbell and her calendar project and thought I would share with you guys!

Alex has been painting her barn cat Petunia almost every day over the past year. Using the work, she’s made a cat calendar for 2018. Check out these amazing work of art!

Now she’s at it again, but for the 2019 calendar, she is going to paint other people’s cats. Does your cat have a story to share? Join this project on Kickstarter and get your cat to be featured on the calendar 2019!

Twelve cats will be chosen from all submissions, and Alex will create an original artwork based on the winning kitties for each month in 2019.

If calendars are not your thing but you like Alex’ work, the good news is she also accepts commission work!

Something like this…


Incredible, right?

Each commission comes with a Skype or Phone consultation to discuss details, mounting and framing, and free packing and shipping.


Sounds like it will make an unforgettable gift for a cat lover in your life, right? Reminder: Catsmas is coming soon!

I never knew it’s possible to use watercolour to capture the gracefulness of cats…


Want to know more about the project? Let’s hear from Alex herself!

If you are interested to support this beautiful project, check out the Kickstarter link below:

Alex Hubbell
Instagram: alexhubbell

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