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SMOB – business name

It goes without saying having a good business name is extremely important for a business. My business name Maow Care came to me because ‘maow’ is nickname my husband has been calling me for many years, which means ‘cat’ in Chinese…   So I thought Maow Care sounds like me. Notice […]

SMOB – Friends and family

Back in the days when I attended the fabulous Start Your Own Business course by Dublin Enterprise Board, we talked about the role of family and friends for an SME owner. My first reaction was, ‘what? I don’t need help from them, I don’t want to bother them […]

SMOB: Business Idea

I started my own business on 2009. Since then, I am asked regularly how I did it. I notice I keep repeating myself answering these questions (and many others FAQs), I decided to start a series here to answer all of them ONCE AND FOR ALL! (A full list of […]