Chinese Food Tour

Alice Chau Ginguene is a Hong Kong person who have been living in Dublin for the past 10 years. Her ancestry can be chased back to Guangdong (Canton) province for many generations. A proud Cantonese girl thorough and thorough, she is going to take you down to a rich journey of authentic Cantonese food, language and culture.

12:00 Duck Restaurant – Hong Kong style BBQ tasting (What is Hong Kong style BBQ? Why is the cooking process so special and takes hours of hard work?)

13:00 Good World Restaurant – traditional Cantonese dim sum lunch, aka Yum Chai (the history of traditional Cantonese dim sum, the story of the Emperor of China in a dim sum tea house, what is the etiquette eating dim sum?)

14:00 Asia Market – Supermarket tour (how do you shop in a Chinese supermarket? What are the good buy? How to manage if you can’t read Chinese?)

14:45 Asia Market – Hong Kong style street food tasting + goodie bags from Asia Market

15:15 Tour end

Alice Chau Ginguene is a Hong Kong person who have been studying and working in Europe for 15 years. She has a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies, fluent in English, Cantonese, French and Mandarin. She was a Liaison Office for an UN Conference in Hong Kong dealing with European delegates. She has also worked in various companies in Paris, Antwerp and Dublin in roles that involves negotiating between European and Chinese offices. In a true ‘East-meet-west’ manner, she married a French national and is now a mother of an Eurasian boy. She is currently a business owner based in Dublin.

In short, Alice has spent the past 15 years explaining Chinese culture to European people and European culture to Chinese people, both professionally at work and privately to her own family. She is in a very good capacity to host this tour.