SMOB – business name

It goes without saying having a good business name is extremely important for a business. My business name Maow Care came to me because ‘maow’ is nickname my husband has been calling me for many years, which means ‘cat’ in Chinese…   So I thought Maow Care sounds like me. Notice I did add a ‘w’ at the end of just ‘Mao’ due to obvious reasons… When I … Continue reading SMOB – business name

SMOB – Friends and family

Back in the days when I attended the fabulous Start Your Own Business course by Dublin Enterprise Board, we talked about the role of family and friends for an SME owner. My first reaction was, ‘what? I don’t need help from them, I don’t want to bother them or rely on them. I will do everything myself and I will be FINE!’ I was naïve. … Continue reading SMOB – Friends and family

What does it mean to be a cat sitter?

This happens to me all the time. ‘What are you doing in Ireland?’ ‘I live here.’ ‘You work?’ ‘Er..yes.’ (I always wonder if people are asking me this as in ‘are you on welfare? Taking advantage of my country?’ but I could be over-sensitive…) ‘What do you do?’ (I thought to myself, ‘oh gawd…not again.’) ‘Er…I am self employed.’ ‘Oh what is that about?’ (‘Here … Continue reading What does it mean to be a cat sitter?

SMOB: Are you cut out for it?

After spending a long time in my last post to explain you how easy to start a business, unfortunately I have to go into the negative bit in this post – you might not be cut out for it. Honestly, I am not trying to sound snobbish but starting a business is really not for everyone. Are you a workaholic? Do you enjoy working all day … Continue reading SMOB: Are you cut out for it?

Start My Own Business (SMOB) series

I started my own business on 2009. Since then I am asked regularly if: 1. Can you make money out of it? 2. Do you get any customers? It’s recession! 3. I want to be self employed too! But I don’t know how to start, I will think about it. I notice I keep repeating myself answering these questions (and many others FAQs), I decided to start … Continue reading Start My Own Business (SMOB) series